About us

Indoor Green Lighting is a specialist in the area of LED plant lighting. We provide numerous indoor projects worldwide with lighting solutions. We ensure that trees and plants get enough light to stay healthy and able to reach their full potential. Even in the darkest locations, where there is little or no daylight at all, we manage to allow every tree or plant to grow and reach its full potential. With the right grow lights even a tropical tree could do well in the darkest corner of a building! With our plant lighting there is, as such, no longer a need to opt for shade planting or even artificial plants. Whether it is a living green wall in a shop, plants and trees in an office building or complete indoor jungles, we have had years of experience in every field!

Our mission:

Unfortunately, we all too often see that plant lighting is not included when a planting plan is drawn up. Trees and plants will not be able to stay healthy without the right type of grow light. If indoor planting isn’t fed the right plant light, it will soon feel poorly. This could lead to plants going leggy and deformed leaves. The plants will also become more sensitive to diseases and fungi. In the end, the plants will need replacement, this is a costly and non-sustainable affair! It is our mission to ensure that every tree or plant in a building stays healthy and beautiful, by feeding it the right quantity of light with the right colour spectrum.

Green = Healthy
Plants and trees ensure a vivid and warm atmosphere in a building. But they have additional advantages: they purify the air, ensure better acoustics and people will feel better when there is a lot of green around. Research has even shown that in companies where there is a lot of planting, absenteeism is significantly lower than at other companies! In short: Plants will keep your business healthy……. We will keep your plants healthy!


How do we operate?

In order to determine which light solution best fits the project, we will first have an initial consultation with our client. What type of indoor planting is concerned? At what distance from the planting can grow lights be assembled? How much daylight is available at the relevant location? By asking the right questions, it can soon be established whether additional plant lighting will be necessary. If, during the initial consultation, it appears that this is necessary, we will draw up a tailor-made light plan.

Tailored advice

Every project is unique and requires a unique light solution. Therefore, we deem it important not to restrict our offer to one type of lamp or a single brand. We collaborate with multiple manufacturers, which enables us to operate objectively. In consultation with our clients, we thus always figure out the lamps that best suit their specific wishes.

Both new development and existing projects

In case of a new project, we will go through the planting plan together and discuss the possibilities regarding the installation of the plant lighting. Our lighting specialists are usually part of the project team and are closely involved in the consultations, with respect to planting. Photos and/or (structural) plans usually enable us to make an accurate estimate of the required type of plant lighting. If necessary, we will visit the location to perform a light measurement.
The same really goes for existing projects, although this gives us the advantage of being able to observe in practice how the indoor planting is behaving. By ‘reading’ the trees and plants, we become aware of how to steer and improve the situation when using growth lighting. Also this can be done remotely or on site, just as our client prefers.

Large and small projects

To us, every project is equally important when it comes to indoor planting. Whether it concerns a single tree or plant in a shop, or a complete indoor park in an office tower, we are ready to serve anyone!

Everybody happy

Although our main objective is that indoor planting receives optimal lighting, we are fully aware that multiple factors need to be taken into account. A few examples:
– What are the wishes/demands of the architect/designer?
– Are there any limiting factors with respect to positioning of the lamps?
– Should the ‘light-friendliness’ for the human eye be taken account of?
– Is there a maximum budget?
– What is the deadline for the realisation of the project?

We include all these aspects in our lighting plan. Sometimes, it is quite a challenge to keep everybody happy, but so far we have managed every time!


Why plant lighting?

A common mistake is that people assume that plants and humans prefer the same lighting. Yet, the light that a plant requires is totally different from the light that will suffice for the human eye. The greatest difference between ordinary lighting and grow lighting is the colour spectrum of the light. Looking at it, a plant or tree may seem to be situated in full artificial light, but this rarely means that this artificial light is composed of the right colour spectrum.

The right colour spectrum

It often so happens that, for instance, skylights, domes or windows have a coating. This will block the light colours essential to the indoor planting. In our plant lighting these colours are supplemented, allowing the indoor planting to grow well.

Light intensity

Apart from the right colour spectrum, also the light intensity should be correct. A shade plant requires entirely other light than a tropical tree. In addition, it is important that indoor planting receives enough hours of light, every day. During the winter months it rarely does. In that instance, additional plant lighting is imperative to keep the indoor planting healthy. For each project, our specialists study the lighting required and will provide lighting advice on the basis thereof.

Our partners

For many years, we have been cooperating with different suppliers in the area of plant lighting. As a result, we are always capable of providing objective advice to our clients. The manufacturers of the lamps we offer, continuously work on innovation and come up with more attractive and more efficient lighting all the time. We will only supply the best quality and this is what we guarantee too. Should a problem occur with one of our plant lamps, then we will see to quick and neat resolving.

Total solution

In addition to a mere light plan for plant lighting, we can also provide support regarding other solutions. We operate with a regular team of professionals; for instance, a company that specialises in climate technology, a watering specialist and of course the planters themselves. Together with our partners, we arrange complete planting projects from A to Z.