About us

Indoor Green Lighting is a specialist in the area of LED plant lighting. We provide numerous indoor projects worldwide with lighting solutions. We ensure that trees and plants get enough light to they stay healthy and able to reach their full potential. Even in the darkest locations, where there is little or no daylight at all, we manage to allow every tree or plant to grow and reach its full potential. With the right grow lights even a tropical tree could do well in the darkest corner of a building! With our plant lighting …

How do we operate

In order to determine which light solution best fits the project, we will first have an initial consultation with our client. What type of indoor planting is concerned? At what distance from the planting can grow lights be assembled? How much daylight is available at the relevant location? By asking the right questions, it can soon be established whether additional plant lighting will be necessary. If, during the initial consultation, it appears that this is necessary, we will draw up a tailor-made light plan.

Why plant lighting

A common mistake is that people assume that plants and humans prefer the same lighting. Yet, the light that a plant requires is totally different from the light that will suffice for the human eye. The greatest difference between ordinary lighting and grow lighting is the colour spectrum of the light. Looking at it, a plant or tree may seem to be situated in full artificial light, but this rarely means that this artificial light is composed of the right colour spectrum.

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We love happy and healthy plants

Plants love light… without light no life!! Plants contribute to physical and mental health: they purify the air, improve acoustics and make us feel good. Let’s take care of their health too! Unfortunately, most plants and trees do not get enough light indoors and certainly not the right light. Strange, because everyone knows that a plant needs nutrition and water, but light is often forgotten. Lighting is a profession in its own right, we have specialized in this.

We often see that lighting providers offer grow lighting with the wrong spectrum. Our spectrum is exactly balanced with the amount per color that the plant needs. Indoor Green Lighting is happy to help you and your clients to keep all trees and plants healthy with the right light in a sustainable and energy-efficient way!



Every project is different and therefore needs a unique lighting solution. We offer the right lighting solution for EVERY situation. Whether it concerns a green wall in an office building, a large planter, or an indoor jungle in a swimming pool area. In our extensive range of grow lights there is always the right lamp for your project!

Track light

Track light extra strong


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Long distance


We have completed several beautiful projects throughout Europe. On our portfolio page you will find a few examples of the different projects we have provided lighting solutions for. As you can see, we are experienced in all kinds of projects. From showrooms to tropical swimming pools and from open-plan offices to shopping centres.

Center Parcs Meerdal

BXT Londen

Terhills Resort